TranScreen goes Cavia: Shorts

HAPPY NEW YEAR Transcreen Lovers!!! For the first 2014 edition of Transcreen Goes Cavia, we would like to present you with 5 amazing short films:
*Pussy Boy Trilogy by Alec Butler (Canada)
*La Victoria de Ursula by Nacho Ruiperez and Julio Marti (Spain)
* What you Looking at? by Faryal Velmi (UK)
*The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name by Barbara Roma (Brazil)
*Love and Anger by Brian Benson (USA)
These films, some drama , comedy and animation showcase themes of first loves, trashy mothers, of dealing with prejudices and death.

Tickets 4 euro
Bar Opens 19.30
Film starts 20.30
please reserve via and pick up tickets before 20.00. ****Facebook reservations are NOT valid!****

Hope to have a full house once more! Stay for a drink after the screening and  lets go to the benefit party at Vrankrijk together for the refugee group.


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