TranScreen goes Cavia: Facing Mirors 20:30, 10 May 2014

Facing Mirrors 
2011 | Iran / Germany | 102 min.

Set in contempoary Iran, FACING MIRRORS is a story of an unlikely and daring friendship that develops despite social norms and religious beliefs. Although Rana is a traditional wife and mother, she is forced to drive a cab to pay off the debt that keeps her husband in prison. By chance she picks up the wealthy and rebellious Edi, who is desperately awaiting a passport to leave the country. At first Rana attempts to help, but when she realizes that Edi is transgender, a dangerous series of conflicts arises. FACING MIRRORS is the first narrative film from Iran to feature a transgender main character.
19.30 Bar
20.30 Film

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After the screening, do stick around for the Tie-A-Tie workshop by Virginia. Do bring a untied tie along and let’s get knotty. There will be some pretty ties up for grabs!
Also Kahya will serenade us.
and of course some tunes after.Image

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