January 10: TranScreen Goes Cavia: MORIR DE PIE

Hello TranScreen Lovers,
we’re back in the new year with a remarkable story of courage and love that knows no gender.

Morir de Pie (Die Standing Up)
dir. Jacaranda Correa
Mexico, 2011 ,Spanish w/ Eng subs , 72min

This film is the inspiring story of Irina Layewska, a tireless fighter in the war for personal freedoms, who continues to work for progressive causes from her wheelchair despite a severe disability. It is also the love story of Irina and her partner Nelida, whom she married as a man. Irina was born into a male body; she grew up idolizing Che Guevara and spent much of her young life fighting in the Cuban solidarity movement. When her condition suddenly threatened her eyesight she became aware of an internal, emotional imbalance, and a need to explore her feminine side and identify as a woman. Jacaranda Correa, the renowned Mexican journalist and anchorwoman, skillfully intercuts home movies and archival material with sensitive, intimate footage of Irina and Nelida’s present-day lives. They bravely open a window on their most personal moments, as they live to the fullest a life that neither of them could have ever imagined.

Bar opens 19.30
Film starts 20.30

Please reserve tickets via info@filmhuiscavia.nl
and pick them up by 20.00

Filmhuis Cavia Van Hallstraat 52-I (de poort door, binnen de trap op), 1051HH Amsterdam

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