Try not to get overwhelmed by excitement- we are nearly ready for a big reveal….

TranScreen HQ is is buzzing with excitement and almost ready to proudly announce the programme of this years festival. This rogue satellite of film festivals has made its final orbit of Planet Funding and careering back to earth, ready for an out of control re-entry on May 30th, at the Kriterion Filmtheatre. While we can’t release any details yet we can introduce you to some of our new friends.

The much loved boot logo has been chased out of the building and replaced by various mysterious creatures. Who are they? What are they? What do they represent? Will they cost much to feed? Well, we are not sure ourselves but they have come from the mind and almost freakish ink dispensing fingers of the very talented  Lae Schäfer and slowly consuming the TranScreen team. The wonderful little animation is just a little teaser from our soon to be released Festival Trailer, being created by Jiro Ghianni. They are what they are, what you want them to be, and importantly, are nothing more and nothing less than their authentic selves. A colourful and sometimes cuddly representation of the Trans and Gender Diverse community, you, me, us. You will see more of them as we get closer to the festival.

Also, if you are on F-Book, we would really appreciate it if you could share our posts among your networks so we can reach more people and spread the word about TranScreen- keep checking this page and your social media as we announce more details……………………………………………..Thanks!

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